Radius Fleet Services

Who are we?

We are Radius Fleet Services, part of the global Radius Payment Solutions group. Radius has been providing services and expertise to the Fleet industry for almost 30 years. We offer cost and time saving solutions to businesses of all sizes across the United States of America, as well as Europe and South East Asia.


What do we do?

At Radius Fleet Services, our main goal is to help your business save time and money. Our main offerings are fuel cards and GPS tracking. Our fuel cards help to reduce the administrative burden of managing your fuel costs, while our GPS tracking system is designed to save you money on fuel and vehicle maintenance.


Fuel Cards

Keep track of your fuel costs
with Radius Fleet Services.

Fuel cards allow you to monitor your fuel costs quickly and easily, giving you more time to grow your business.
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GPS Tracking

Save money on fuel and vehicle maintenance
with Radius Fleet Services.

GPS tracking gives you a simple overview of inefficiencies in your vehicles, as well as driving styles. This means you can put measures in place to reduce wastefulness, which will keep costs down.
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Radius Payment Solutions New York

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Kinesis Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Check App

Vehicle check introduction sentence
with Radius Fleet Services

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Careers at
Radius Fleet Services.

Due to our continued success and ongoing expansion, Radius Fleet Services have recently opened an office in the Greater Boston Area. We are looking for ambitious, outgoing, and personable individuals to join our friendly team. Click below to see a full list of our current opportunities.

Radius Fuel Cards - Career Radius Fuel Cards - Career Radius Fuel Cards - Career