The Wex Fleet Fuel Card

The most effective way for your business to purchase fuel.

WEX Fleet
Radius Fuel Cards - Nearest Pump Location

Access over 95% of fuel stations
across all states

Pump Stations in Malaysia

Save time on administrative tasks

Velocity Fleet Management for monitoring

Access to 45,000 service locations

Shell fuel cards security

One of the most secure ways
to purchase fuel

Dedicated Account Manager at Radius Fuel Cards

Access to online reporting tools

Quality fuel purchases through Shell cards

Expert customer service
24 hours a day

Find your nearest petrol station


Fuel card network
You can access 95% of all gas stations with the Wex Fleet fuel card, which is over 180,000 locations nationwide. This means you can choose the cheapest available gas station on your route, allowing you to save your business money.
Shell fuel card security
Time Saving
Effective time management is key when running a business. That’s why Radius offers the Wex Fleet fuel card. All transactions are listed on a single invoice, eliminating the need to collect gas receipts. This gives you a clear view of your fuel costs and reduces the admin time required by other payment methods.
Fuel Card Security
Wex Fleet fuel cards are one of the most secure ways for your business to purchase fuel. Fraudulent transactions can be detected quickly and easily with our online system, and if your card is lost or stolen, you can stop it immediately through the Wex online portal.
Management Reports on Velocity Fleet Management Software
Customer Service
If you have any questions about your Wex Fleet fuel card account, you can contact the Wex customer service team 24 hours a day. You’ll be greeted by a friendly, knowledgeable fuel card expert who will be able to answer any questions you may have.
Fuel Card Management and Usage Tools
Online Tools
The Wex Fleet fuel card gives you access to the Wex online portal. With this, you can monitor and analyze your businesses fuel costs. The transactions on this portal are real time, which means that anything suspicious or abnormal shows up immediately any time of day.
Fuel Cards Invoicing System
Vehicle Maintenance
With the Wex Fleet fuel card, you can purchase much more than just fuel. You get access to over 45,000 service locations, which allow to purchase tires, windshield repair, engine oils, and much more to help keep your vehicles on the road.