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Looking for a solution that lets you get more done in less time? Kinesis GPS Tracking from Radius provides unparalleled monitoring and management capabilities from one easy-to-use system to help your business maximize productivity, keep vehicles safe and make customers happy.
With the data provided by our award-winning system, you can see everything from historical journey routes to mileage and fuel usage reports. By understanding more about how your vehicles are being driven, you can ensure fuel and maintenance costs are kept low to improve your bottom line.

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Improved Customer Service

You can react to customer questions with precision by knowing exactly where your drivers are, and were they’ve been with 30 second updates, faster than any other provider. When new opportunities arise, you have the ability to find the nearest vehicle to the job and get your staff on site quickly.

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Phone App

With our smart phone application, you’ll have the power to manage your vehicles anywhere with the vehicle performance insight, driver scores, and journey information at your fingertips. You can analyze performance, create reports, and identify opportunities on the go to stay ahead of the game.

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Cost Savings

There’s more to Kinesis than just vehicle tracking. As well as providing insight into vehicle locations and driver productivity, our solution can be utilized to increase efficiency and drive down business costs. You can understand what behaviors are contributing to excessive expenditure and implement strategies to make big savings.

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Added Security

Our unique geofencing feature helps you identify vehicle or fuel card misuse by alerting you when a transaction is taking place away from its registered vehicle. This means you can spot fraud or theft before it has the potential to cause significant financial harm.

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Duty of Care

Kinesis GPS tracking doesn’t just take care of your bills; it takes care of your employees too. Our driving performance monitoring helps you identify dangerous driving styles and takes steps to improve them. Reduced accident rates mean your business is doing its part to keep your employees and the public safe.

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Simplify Admin

You can automate many time-consuming fleet processes, from reviewing driver timesheets to separating business and private mileage. This means you have more time to focus on the day-to-day running of your business and driving future growth.

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